Automatic 3d fence mesh welding machine suppliers

The RKM fully automatic bending fence mesh welding machine is specially designed for efficient and economical production of 3D guardrail mesh. A wide range of modules allows us to adapt the level of automation to our customers’ requirements.

  Basic operating instructions:  

The horizontal and vertical wires are straightened and cut to a certain length by a straightening and cutting machine. The vertical wires are placed on a special pay-off stand for wire feeding, and the horizontal wires are placed in the horizontal wire blanking system.

Horizontal straighteners help keep wires well separated and easy to control with dedicated buffers and tension/missing wire control. The welding wire is then pushed by a second set of servo motorized rollers and enters the welding machine!

The horizontal wire blanking system is controlled by an SMC cylinder and welded by a welding machine.

The mesh is advanced, the mesh is automatically fed into the bending system for bending, and the bending specifications are controlled through programming.

From simple to fully automatic stacking, fully automatic production line!

The entire operation is automatic and easy to program!

  Parameter of 3d fence mesh welding machine:  

  Model   DP-FP-1200A   DP-FP-2500A   DP-FP-3000A
  Welding width   Max.1200mm   Max.2500mm   Max.3000mm
  Wire diameter   3-6mm
  Longitude wire space   50-300mm
  Crosswire space   Min.25mm/Min.12.7mm
  Mesh length   Max.6000mm
  Welding speed   50-75 times/min
  Wire feeding way   Pre-straightened&pre-cut
  Welding electrodes   Max.25pcs   Max.48pcs   Max.61pcs
  Welding transformers   125kva*3pcs   125kva*6pcs   125kva*8pcs
  Machine size   4.9*2.1*1.6m   4.9*3.4*1.6m   4.9*3.9*1.6m
  Weight   2T   4T   4.5T
  NOTE: Special specifications can be customized as requested.

  Finished product:  

The 3d fence panel used in the home, garden, yard, playground, industry, agriculture, building, transportation, minefield, cultivation, enclosure fence, decoration, machine protection, etc.


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