40T Expanded perforated sheet machine sold to Sri Lanka

Kevin is a Brazilian customer’s partner in China. Because of the epidemic, the customer could not come to China to learn about us in person, so he invited Kevin to visit the Rongkuai Communist Party. The customer wanted to buy a 5-12mm welding wire mesh machine and a high-speed straightening and cutting machine, Expanded mesh machine is also included in this plan, but it is not urgently needed.

I took Kevin to visit the factory. The operator operated the steel mesh welding machine and the steel bar straightening and cutting machine. Kevin said that this is a great picture. The steel mesh panels produced are very good, and the straightening and cutting machines are very fast. Supply the speed of the weft wire used by the wire mesh machine.

For future cooperation, Kevin watched the operation of the expanded metal mesh machine. This diamond metal mesh machine was custom-made by a Sri Lankan customer in November last year. Due to the Chinese New Year holiday and cargo ship reservations, shipments will be arranged recently. The operation video of the expanded metal mesh machine has been sent to the customer, and the customer said it was great cooperation.
Kevin feels that every machine is great and we are a very trustworthy and cooperative supplier.

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