358 welded mesh fence welding machine

358 welded mesh fence welding machines use fully automated production equipment and famous foreign electronic components to weld wires at high speed to form building mesh. It also has a variety of multi-functional module designs, such as mesh cutting systems, automatic net falling systems, automatic transportation systems, etc. Modules are available for customers to choose.

① The anti-climb fence machine adopts advanced European welding technology. Most other systems are designed and applied for invention patents. They are easy to operate, have fast welding speed, and save labor costs.
② PLC+touch screen has high control accuracy and easy operation and can set and convert parameters very quickly.
③ The applicable wire diameter of the wire mesh welding machine is 3-12mm, the speed is 120m/min, and the production efficiency is high;
④ The transformer, electrode, and thyristor of the welding unit are forced water-cooled to ensure good operation and greatly extend the service life of the mesh welding machine.
⑧ RKM high-end technology mesh welding machines have sold nearly 800 units worldwide.


  Parameter of 358 fence mesh machine:  

  Model   DP-FP-3200A
  Wire diameter   2.5-6mm
  Longitude wire space   76.2-300mm
  Crosswire space   Min.12.7mm
  Mesh width/height   Max.3.2m
  Mesh length   Max.6m
  Welding speed   Maximum 120 times/minute
  Welding electrodes   44pcs
  Welding transformers   150kva*11pcs,
  Wire feeding way   Pre-straightened&pre-cut
  Overall Size   12*3.7*2.3m
  Weight   5300kg

  Finished Product:  

Anti-climb mesh purposes: mainly used in industrial, agricultural, prison, municipal, transportation, and other industries for fences, decoration, protection, and other facilities.


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