3-8mm wire mesh welding machine sold to Colombia

3-8mm wire mesh welding machine sold to Colombia used to make construction mesh, 3-8mm Automatic roll mesh welding machine can feed line wire from the coil and cross wire pre-cut. The machine adopts a line wire accumulator to stock and feed line wire smooth. Finished mesh can be in a panel with a mesh cutting machine and convey system, or in rolls with a mesh rolling machine.

The Colombian customer started to build a factory last year and was ready to become a construction mesh supplier. At the beginning of this year, the factory was all ready, and the customer and I have discussed various issues around this mesh welding machine for a whole year, and the customer finally made up his mind To buy a 3-8mm welding screen machine.

When the machine is transported to the customer’s factory, we will provide machine layout drawings, installation videos, and online guidance (due to the epidemic, we cannot provide overseas installation) to solve various problems for customers in a timely manner.

The 3-8mm automatic roll mesh welding machine is often exported to Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Uganda, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Chile, etc.

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