3-8mm Wire Mesh Welding Machine for Pneumatic Reinforcing Panel sold to Brazil

3-8mm Wire Mesh Welding Machine for Pneumatic Reinforcing Panel sold to Brazil, This is a new type by RKM Engineers designed pneumatic machine, high speed is the biggest advantage, Meet customer requirements for high output.

The Brazilian customer is a local construction wire mesh supplier. Due to the aging of the machine, the production efficiency is reduced, and a faster mesh welding machine is needed to increase the output. Therefore, we recommend this pneumatic steel mesh welding machine to the customer, because the customer’s raw material is 6- 8mm round steel wire, and the steel mesh produced must be a two-ribbed steel bar, so a ribbed steel bar machine is needed to roll the round steel wire into a ribbed steel bar through a die, and then straighten and cut the ribbed steel bar before it can be placed in the Automatic mesh welding is carried out in the welding mesh machine.

The customer is very satisfied after watching our machine video, providing him with the best solution. In order to ensure product quality, during the production of the machine, the customer can watch the factory production workshop online at any time, and we will record the machine installation video, operation video, electrical cabinet wiring video, machine debugging, and running video, and send it to the customer to accept the machine until the customer Satisfied, we will arrange delivery.

The 3-8mm automatic roll mesh welding machine is often exported to Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Uganda, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Chile, etc.

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