3-8mm welded wire mesh machine sold to Mexico

3-8mm welded wire mesh machine sold to Mexico, with one set GT4-12mm wire straightening and cutting machine, used to make steel rebar mesh panel. The wire mesh welding machine adopts European welding technology and the welding speed max up 120 times/min. the wire cutting machine is used to straighten and cut steel bars, provide crosswire.

We have established a close relationship because of YouTube videos. The customer is a local steel mesh panel supplier. Recently, he contracted a construction project that requires a large number of steel mesh panels. In order to meet the production needs, I recommended him the new pneumatic mesh welding machine, speed Fast, high output, fewer problems, easy to operate, and strong welded mesh. The customer is very satisfied and placed an order for purchase.

In the later stage, we will have 60 days of production time. After the machine is installed, we will debug the machine and run it according to the customer’s specifications, record the video and send it to the customer to watch to ensure the quality of the machine.

After more than half a month of sea transportation, after the machine arrives at the customer’s factory, we will provide machine drawings, operation instructions, installation videos, and 24-hour online guidance from engineers to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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