3-8mm machine for brc steel rebar mesh sold to Mexico

The brc steel rebar mesh welding machine is sold to Mexico for welding 5-8 mm steel mesh, mainly for local builders. As a new project, the Mexican customers selected several Chinese wire mesh machinery manufacturers for comparison and finally chose the RKM factory without hesitation.

What customers care about most is not the price of the machine, but the output and after-sales of the steel mesh welding machine. The reinforcing mesh welding machine produced by the RKM factory adopts European welding technology, and the welding speed reaches 100 times/min. If 8mm wire diameter, 100 *100mm mesh size, one minute can finish welding 5m length mesh, the welding mesh is flat and firm, the automatic steel mesh production line saves labor costs, and only requires 2-3 staff to operate.

Due to the epidemic, it is expensive and dangerous for our engineers to go abroad to debug. In order to avoid going abroad for debugging, we have prepared a set of online after-sales videos (including the assembly video in our factory after the machine is ready, the machine placement video, how to debug the machine video, the machine test run video and the general problem-solving video), etc. When transported to the customer’s factory, we will establish an online dialogue with the engineer to guide various problems of the machine and ensure normal operation of the machine.

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