3-6mm wire mesh welding machine sold to Thailand

3-6mm wire mesh welding machine sold to Thailand, This Thai customer is the largest local construction wire mesh manufacturer. We first met at the Canton Fair in Thailand in 2018. There was no epidemic at that time. We went to Thailand to participate in the exhibition and were very lucky to know each other.

After a long time of understanding, customers also visited our factory in 2019 and recognized the construction mesh welding machine we produced. However, due to the expansion of the factory, there was no place to place the machine, so the plan was pushed to 2021.

Due to the epidemic, the factory expansion was completed at the end of last year. The customer immediately ordered the first 3-6mm coil mesh welding machine. Under the guidance of the engineer’s online installation and debugging, the machine ran smoothly and the customer was very satisfied. In the middle of this year, the customer ordered 3 automatic roll mesh welding machines to fully produce construction mesh to supply market demand.

The 3-6mm brc mesh welding machine line used Foreign brand equipment and have a competitive price, It can produce both roll mesh and panel mesh, Favored by construction wire mesh dealers.

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